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Eminent SMSF Solutions consist of a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in providing accounting services to self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

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We understand that SMSFs can be complex and confusing, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of accounting services to help you navigate the intricacies of managing your fund.

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We believe communication is key and work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their unique needs and goals.

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SMSF Establishment

Eminent SMSF Solutions is a specialised firm that assists in the establishment of self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

SMSF Accounting, Taxation & Audit

Eminent SMSF Solutions is a trusted provider of comprehensive annual compliance and administrative services for self-managed super funds.

SMSF Transfer

We understand that transferring your SMSF to a new provider can be a job that’s put in the too hard basket but that doesn’t need to be the case with Eminent SMSF Solutions.

Buying Property with SMSF

SMSFs are able to borrow to invest via a bare trust arrangement in residential and commercial property.

Cloud Accounting

Enjoy the benefits of running an SMSF without worrying about the day-to-day administration. 24/7 Online Reporting

Self-Managed Super Funds

Self-managed superannuation funds are an effective and flexible retirement planning vehicle that provides greater control over savings and investments. An SMSF is a superannuation fund with up to 6 members, wherein the members actively participate in the management of the fund. SMSFs are also known as do-it-yourself (DIY) funds, family funds or mum-and-dad funds.

Benefits of SMSF

  • Implementation of effective tax management strategies
  • Flexibility to make timely investment decisions when market conditions change.
  • Up to four fund members so you can include your family, increasing investable savings and keeping fees lower for everyone.
  • Lower fees compared to industry and commercial funds (depending on your Super balance)
  • Flexible pension planning and management
  • Control and flexibility in estate planning

Who can benefit from establishing an SMSF

  • self-employed (professionals or people running a small business) who wish to have their own cost-effective superannuation vehicles
  • taxpayers who are high income earners and have a large net worth
  • retirees who wish to manage their own pension funds.
  • employees who want to have a greater say in the investment of their superannuation savings in line with their expectations and needs
  • employees who are dissatisfied with the investment performance of their existing employer-sponsored or public offer managed funds, or with the level of charges imposed by these funds.

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